Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 23rd thing- Puerility

I like my blog. I like my laptop. I like Rafa. I like sitting. I like feeling slight soreness in my limbs after badminton. I like being childish. I like being bossy. I like to read. I like to listen. I like to think. I like to type. I like to laugh and the fact that laughter is contagious. I like to speak. I like to wield my crystal sword and drive a supercar and race and meet Rafa and own Kimi which means I like to dream. I like bournvilles. I like my friends. I like green. I like my family. I like calling people dumbass and guldu. I like watching really good movies preferably with Christian Bale in them. I like honesty. I like my iT. I like the smell of a car the moment you open the door and sit in it. I like certain characters in books more than I should. I like music. I like to imagine. I like practicality. I like my muscles. I like to pretend to lose in arm wrestling matches with this really thin friend just to boost her self confidence. I like to whistle. I like to wash my bike which means keeping it parked outside while it rains. I like praising my own badminton shots. I like The 23rd thing.

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