Thursday, April 12, 2012

The 59th thing. To be or not to be.

Its becoming a growing concern for me that I'm becoming more and more feminine. Just today, Mom washed the front yard and asked me to erm.. 'put' the rangoli (for lack of a better kannada to english phrase translation). And I willing put the rangoli, much to the approval of my grandmother and the satisfaction of my mother (yes, Dad was right when he says my mother can look like a 'contented hen' about her children). Also, the ever slightly and steadily increasing excitement of wearing sarees (I told myself towards the end of my cousin's upanayana that I only wanted to wear the saree cuz my auntie so sweetly asked me to, but this time, that is for the farewell, I have no other explanation than the fact that I do want to wear a saree. Not only that, I've taken the initiative to go out there and buy a saree before any of my friends did! Usually, my friends are badgering me to put on a saree and I've always been disinterested). And also the fact that I've become more conscious of the fact that the adults around me are quite old and have begun to do tiny things that I usually never do (for instance, the time when I went to my Uncle's place, I almost unconsciously picked up everyone's empty tea cup and disposed of them in the kitchen sink. My Uncle was pleasantly surprised and commented that "putti" was growing up!).
I've always been proud of that fact that I'm not sickly feminine.. I'm not there yet and I hope right now to never be!