Monday, November 24, 2008

The ninth thing

Humans. Can be amazingly adaptive.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The eighth thing

When things are down, and you're sick of it-
You were born to be famous. You're way too important to be worrying about such trivial things. So think of the present, the future isn't important cuz you know you're gonna be famous anyway.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The seventh thing- Article?

The Inauguration of I sem BE:

We had the inaugural on August 31, in the indoor stadium of our college. It was expected to begin at 11, and the indoor stadium was packed with expectant students and parents. The music club put up a commendable performance to entertain us till the chief guests arrived. About an hour or so passed with the melody serenading the fidgeting crowd. The chief guests took their places on the dais and the invocation was rendered by the faculty to mark the beginning of the inaugural for the batch of 2012-13. We are the 63rd batch of the students of BMS College, and our principal revealed with pride in his welcome address.

The Minister of Higher Education, Mr. Aravind Limbavali, alumnus of BMS, reminiscent of his glorious college days, spoke in praise of the college. He regaled about the freedom this college provided to develop one's personality holistically. He commented on the absence of the stadium in which we were present at that moment. He also said in lighter vein, much to the amusement of the audience, that had he known that he was to be present to address the freshers some day, he would have attended more classes in his college days.

The addresses by the other dignitaries, Sri M.R. Srinivasa Murthy, Prof. S. Bisaliah, and Justice Sri R. Gururajan, revealed many interesting facts, such as high placement records, the college's alumni being spread around the world, popular fests, innumerable clubs, all of which reinforced the quality of this college. We were also advised to make the best use of the facilities and freedom the college provided, and now to the amusement of the students, reassured that this was a No Ragging Campus.

The unpredictably heavy rains thwarted the elaborate arrangements made for lunch in the open grounds. However, alternate arrangements were efficiently and quickly enforced, which provided me an opportunity at an early peek at the girl's hostel.

The departmental orientation was conducted on the following day for telecommunication students, along with few other branches. We were first shown around the vast and well-equipped library, and then made our way to our respective departments. We were introduced to our departmental lectures and of course our H.O.D, Mrs. Kanmani, and were impressed with their qualifications. We were shown many graphs that gave a vivid description of the performance and placements of our seniors and a list of the achievers from our department, in order to inspire us to follow their steps, or even better them.

Watch out! This year's batch is sure to surpass all expectations. So don't even have any!