Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The 55th thing.

I love the smell of a competent mathematics book! :D Used the greeen Sapna 10% off card on it and going to use the greeen Japanese notebook from Staples to work out problems :) I LOVE MATH!
P.S : I haven't been giving my posts names for a while..
P.P.S : Finished Marley & Me, didn't think the ending would affect me but it did. Hmm. Title for the 55th thing is "Scripts".
Oh and Pragnya has let her project guide glimpse her karate brown belt with the threat of the HOD and he's now sweating and shaking in his boots :D Feeling rebellious is exhilarating!

Friday, February 24, 2012

The 54th thing. My first greeeeeeeen pullover!

I've ALWAYS wanted a greeeeeeeeeen pullover and my aunt's bought me one! Yesssss! Love it! :D Thanks Kala Atte! Thanks for the chocolates too! :D
Off to watch my second Spanish movie now, and Marley & Me just before falling asleep :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 53rd thing.

Checking out the WorldMovies website right now. I want to look for good Spanish movies. Under Library, I can choose a list of movies based on region and I'm hovering over Spain. I'm zooming in, zooming in.. And I feel like a little girl spying on her crush :P Rafa might not even be in Spain! :P
I've gone back to Coldplay again, and I think I will always keep going back :)
I miss you a lot little blog :) I want to have fun things to say to you again :) (hug) (oooh couldn't part without.. Daylight!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The 52nd thing. At least!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The 51st thing.

Tiny Tower. You might be missed. But I have a feeling you're the sole cause of every shitty thing that's been happening. Playing you for months to no end has taken so much of my time. Goodbye Tiny Tower.

The 50th thing.

I was hoping the 50th thing would be really nice but this is all I have to say- Jan has been the worst month ever!
Goodbye Jan! In a world of hate right now! Everything's so stupid! Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidfrustratedwithalmosteverythingwheniseverythingevergoingtogetbacktonormalwhataboutmylifewhataboutmyfuturewhataboutrightnowwhatthehellishappeningspendingtimeawayfrommylaptophasmademeralizewhatasmallcutethingthisisandastohowmaddenningitcangetifitdoesn'tperformwellatthesametimetooI'mlisteningtocoldplayrightnowandifeelsuddenlylikemydesktopisastrangerI'vebeenspendingalotoftimewithandnowI'mfinallyunitedwithmylaptopanditssokindcuzwhenIpulledtheplugwhileitwaschargingitdidn'tevenprotestwhenitusuallyhangsIdunnowhatthehellisgoingonandIwantthingstogetbacktonormalreallysoonorIdunnowhatI'llturninto.