Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The 21st thing- Some more Rafa

Well, I'm about to collapse as I type this. Very tired. So very proud. That Rafa has played fantastic tennis. Not just in the finals of the USO. But right from the time he won the French Open. Back then I was a nervous wreck. I simply did not want him to lose. He did not deserve to lose at all. The emotional and physical stresses he went through. His parents' divorce. Tendonitis problems. Critics having more than just a go at him. "Will RN ever come back?" I remember the pain I went through. I could not accept the fact that his career might go kaput. He was so young. Had so much more to accomplish. And I couldn't understand why the world did not mourn with me. It hadn't accepted as easily as I had that Nadal was one of the tennis greats. After winning 4 French Open titles and 2 at Wimbledon and even 1 Australian Open title, he had, bafflingly, not made a major impression in the tennis world. Oh he was considered very very good, but not of the best yet, not good enough to have the potential to be a legend. One reason I loved Rafa was for his immense mental strength. The fact that he shuts out the past (immediate even), digs deep, and does what he does best with passion. He climbed those mountains surely and steadily, taking it a step at a time, being sure footed (almost like a Capricorn!) and remaining beautifully modest all the while. And what came out was a never done before 6 time straight Monte Carlo wins, his favoured French Open Title (no he wouldn't say he was No 1 yet), Wimbledon, and, when there was only one question left for everybody to ask of Rafa, Could he win the ever elusive US Open title, he answers. Finally, because the response towards Rafa's victory feels so different, Rafa is out of Federer's shadow. Everyone says now as to how incredible Rafa has been this year, without making references to the fact that Federer was not at his best. Finally, Rafa has his own pedestal to stand on. And finally, I can go to bed cuz I'm done writing and I so badly wanted to express my immense pride, however done.

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anjum said...

i'd enjoy better if u leave my federer outta ur "thoughts" !!