Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 48th thing. Pre-GRE :P

Monday, December 19, 2011

The 47th thing. :(

I've been hiccuping for the past half an hour and holding my breath and drinking water isn't helping me! :(

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The 46th thing. Paaaarty toniiiiight?

It was a Thursday when I was in very good spirits and I wasn't going to let Supreeth's viruses get to me. But boy was I teasing him about it or what! His viruses would have a paaaarty that niiiiiiight. But after dodging those viruses, here I am, typing this in my room, with a slight feeling of uneasiness due to impending sickness. Its a virus all the way from Delhi that might be my undoing. Bro came home today, wearing a sweater and I hardly see him wearing one of those. He said he just had a slight cold. My dad was 'fb'ing away on his laptop in my room today, when he suddenly sneezed. Sneezes turned to serious sniffles. My mom came back home from college and began sniffling too. So does that mean the viruses here will have a paaaaarty toniiiiight? Not if the evil mastermind of the world of micro organisms, not if the simple looking bottle containing the magic liquid that I've exalted to the status of God, not if the powerful Vicks Nyquil cold syrup can help it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The 45th thing. The Dragon Warrior

No, I'm not talking about Po, the kung fu panda that kicks butt and leaves us laughing in splits. I'm talking about The Dragon Warrior who illegally flew into my room.
I was preparing intently on my report about a paper that we have to submit in two days, when there was a persistent droning sort of noise. I allowed it to distract me and the first thing that I realized was that it was the flutter of an insect's wings. Second immediate thing that I realized was that it was too loud to be a cockroach's. Sigh of relief. Then what insect was it? A dragonfly. It was making a desperate noise in search of god knows what endeavor. And it had no business being in my room when I was busy. My room's door was open, so was the door to the terrace, so it was either too dumb to piss off or its sole intention was to annoy me. I'm the more evolved of the two, so I got back to working on my report.
As if fluttering incessantly near the tube light wasn't enough, it started to move about the room. It fell behind my laptop, immediately shot up to the fan, got hit by the blade once (thak!), twice (thakagain!), swirled above my head three times counter clockwise, fell near the printer and rummaged about near Rakshith's guitar. I knew that it would be after me next, I have a strange intuition about these things. And sure enough, it found its way near my table, and flew up from underneath it and sat on my stomach. I looked down at it. It looked up at me. Supremely disgusted, I slowly got up from the chair and the damned insect took off again. Then I knew what I had to do.
I calmly when down the stairs, reached the hall and picked up my badminton raquet that was lying on the sofa after my cousin had finished admiring it. I've seldom felt that sense of purpose, the sense of purpose I felt when I picked up my weapon by the handle. The racquet melded into my hand and we were one. No warrior could've felt this confident, this calm, this purposeful; not even a spartan with his bloody sword. I informed my mother who was probably watching Uttaran on Colours that there was a dragonfly in my room and that I was going to do something about it. I walked up the stairs, I could hear my enemy fluttering, and just when I entered  the room the fluttering stopped. Where was the damn thing now.
It was innocently sitting near the tube light, as though impervious to mundane problems. I was a bit annoyed. In my head, I gloriously swung the racket in a single handed Federer-backhand and blasted the damn dragonfly out of my room and out through the terrace door in one fluid motion. All in slow-mo. But it was up near the tube light. I disturbed it, prodding it with my racquet. It didn't fly away alarmed and panicked. It just lazily shifted its position slightly and stayed there. Fine, if you want it that way, I thought to myself, and sat back down to write the report, only I'm writing this post now. The weapon's at hand, and I am ready to spring into action.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The 43rd thing. Gandhi Jayanthi of 2011

My brother had just left for Delhi, sliding away on a white Logan. As I sat in the hall, mom was looking tired, grandma and grandpa were probably shuffling cards ready to play their two-million-five-hundred-and-thirty-thousand-eight-hundred-and-forty-seventh game of solitaire, dad was upstairs feeling a little ill, and I was looking around. Just then, "Ding dong!". The doorbell rang; grandma went to see who it was. It was my uncle. He straightaway shouted for my dad, "Paapaniii!" There was a lot of urgency in his voice, and dad didn't hear him. "Prasaaad?" my grandpa called. There were few shouts from outside of our house, incoherent yelling, and my uncle was yelling right back. "What on earth.." I wondered. "Bande!" my dad called back and came downstairs.
"Oh! Movers bande bitra Chikoo? Isht bega!"
"Hu kano, eeg Arpithange gaadi thegiyak helu. Arpitha??"
I'd heard the conversation so I ran upstairs to change out of my shorts and into my pants. But my uncle couldn't wait.
"Bande Chikoo mava.." (I always do that! If people don't acknowledge my yell when its obviously heard the first time, I don't yell again!)
"Ee hudgi heege ne.. Yello mel vodhoithu.." my grandma chimed in.
I ran back down. My mom was unlocking the door in the hall which opened to the garage. That was our previous entrance; we keep it permanently locked now. She yanked the door open, and then began shifting the small bookcase with books authored by my grandpa (yes I'm proud of it and I'm showing off), and I got a clear view of the garage. There was a big brown truck outside our garage gates, so big that I knew I was seeing only half of it. There were instructions being snapped all around and I started to move the hall furniture too. Moved the L-shaped table out of the way and near the kitchen with my grandma's assistance, and then the couch. A tall and dark skinny worker wearing a bunyan with holes, and checked blue punche hoisted up well above his knobbly knees came into the house with a small but heavy looking wooden furniture.
It had begun.
"Gaadi aache itya?" someone questioned me.
"Illa.. yaaro bekagilla antha andru."
"Parvagilla aache idu!"
So I looked for my keys I knew I'd misplaced somewhere while moving the furniture, couldn't find the duplicate which is always in a bowl in the showcase. Then I reverse traced my steps in my mind, found the VW keys on the table, and proceeded to move by vehicle out of the way (ahem, notice that I don't mention what my vehicle is, just that the keys are Volkswagen :P hehe!).
More shouting. An unrecognizable hall (this is called a vu-ja-de I think, the opposite of de-ja-vu, where you've been in a place but don't recognize it). A hot unrecognizable hall. My grandparents were happily sitting on the shifted couches, looking cozy and comfortable and at the same time trying to supervise the situation. There were three workers all in all, mom was making tea for the grown-ups, I wanted to ask for some too but didn't want to bug her and get in the way. There was so much shouting that I went upstairs in the hopes of enjoying some peace. I wondered if I should begin studying for the darn CCN quiz. But the shouting seemed to be penetrating into the room from all directions. The open windows, the open terrace door, the open windows of the next room. There was this sudden, loud, metallic scrapping noise like as though some alien robotic character from Transformers was doing its thing. I prayed that nothing of the house was damaged and went back down to see what that noise was about. The hall looked undisturbed (when compared to its state two minutes ago that is), so I went to investigate my grandparents room which was adjacent. There was a fat metal wardrobe sitting there comfortably and innocently. I went back to the hall and heard my uncle getting louder and angrier. I cannot tell you how much shouting there was. At one point people were shouting only because others were shouting and they had to make themselves heard. My uncle had to force these people to work quickly through repeated yelling and gesticulating and sometimes dragging one by his elbow. The sewing machine was brought up to the terrace, the one mom used to stitch clothes for me and my dolls when I was about three or four years old. I followed the workers up and made sure nothing was flicked. I went back downstairs when they were done.
The whole thing was so chaotic. Seemed like organized anarchy. Because in spite of all the shouting and plans to bring the doors down and dismantle a bed, every cell in the colony was working steadily towards a fixed goal. Just when the cells seemed to collide, they'd slide by one another as if the whole maneuver was intended.
Then a heavy wooden bed was brought in from the truck and and placed in the garage, thanks to my grandma's practical mind, resting on two planks so the water wouldn't spoil the wood when it rained. Hot tea was distributed, there was one extra cup that no one wanted so it was offered to me.
It seemed like all work was done, but people still shouted when they wanted to talk, I guess the hair in their ears was still tuned to that high decibel level (learnt this in audio and speech processing). I sipped tea. It tasted very nice, as usual; mom makes very good tea I think. My uncle suddenly remembered that the veenas hadn't been brought, but decided to bring it along by car later. After everyone had drained the last dregs, the furniture in the hall was arranged and moved so that it looked how it used to be half an hour back, the garage doors were closed, the truck door was shut with a bang, signalling the end of it all. The door leading to the garage was closed, the light to the garage was switched off. The truck drove off noisily, uncle followed in his car, my parents followed in theirs, I shut the door behind me and got back to the hall. It felt like as though a hurricane had thrown everything out of place, yelling all the while for thirty minutes, put everything back in its place, and left like as though it had never come in the first place. The only thing different was our disheveled expressions.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The 42nd thing. Sigh..

Nothing says "Good Morning" like a white Audi A6 with its angel lights on at 7:15 AM.
Bleach season 3 here I come!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 41st thing. Two Texters (E01) The Introduction.

12:30 AM
+91984462489: Hi! Is this Anshuman? :)
+91973945245: Who wants to know?
+91984462489: Erm.. Is this Anshuman?
+91973945245: Well that depends on who wants to know.

+91984462489: How?
+91973945245: What if Anshuman is a murderer and you're the police?
+91984462489: Oh never mind.. I doubt the Anshuman i'm looking for is a murderer..
+91973945245: Which means you're not sure right..
+91984462489: Ok look if this IS Anshuman you got me alright?? Happy birthday!! :):):)
+91973945245: Thankyou :)
+91984462489: Jeez man! What's up with that! Entertaining though! :)
Anshuman        : Lol.. It was entertaining for me too. Btw, i still don't know who you are.
+91984462489: This is Priya :) had lost your number cuz i'd lost my phone :P
Anshuman        : How'd you lose it again?
Priya                : I was so worried about losing my wallet last week that i misplaced my phone in a crowded store :P:P
Anshuman        : You use emoticons alot don't you..
Priya                : Lol! Smilies are expressive! You should try them sometime! :P
Anshuman        : Okay hows this- Priya, i'm not Anshuman after all :P
(Shocked silence)
Priya                 : Wtf.. Who's this then..
+91973945245: No need to get alarmed. I'm just a stranger harmlessly texting you. I'm extremely bored you see.
Priya                 : And it'd better stay harmless. I'm a black belt in karate..
+91973945245: LOL!
Priya                 : What! Oh alright! Brown belt!
+91973945245: Cute :)
Priya                 : Whatever..
+91973945245: So Priya, what is it that you do? :)
Priya                 : I beat up seemingly harmless texting strangers if they try anything funny.
+91973945245: Oh now you're almost making me want to try something funny! :)
(No reply)
+91973945245: Amusing.
Priya                 : I dunno why i'm asking, but what's amusing?
+91973945245: In the past few texts, i was the one using "smilies".
Priya                 : Ha!
+91973945245: Was that a triumphant laugh?
Priya                 : Sorta :) you're really bored aren't you?
+91973945245: Likewise i'm sure, else you wouldn't be replying.
Priya                 : How do you know i wouldn't be? What if i was a social butterfly?
+91973945245: What "if"? That means you aren't :)
Priya                 : Well... Mayyybe..
+91973945245: Mayyybe means i'm right and you don't want to say it. :)
Priya                 : Yeah yeah.. Ok look. Its late, i want to go sleep now. Night.
+91973945245: Night :):):):):):P:P:P:P:P

Monday, July 25, 2011

The 40th thing. Perfume: The story of a murderer

Was reading a novel yesterday in a corner of a book store in a mall yesterday: Perfume. Seemed very interesting, and has been made into a movie; Alan Rickman is in it I think. The book seemed interesting. Warning- It was under the "Classics" section. Here's the link to the pdf file:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 39th thing. DESTINY!!?!!


Monday, May 16, 2011

The 38th thing. I've fallen in love!

Yeh Haseen Vadiyan! :( I've fallen in love with that song! I don't think I've ever listened to that song on my ipod! The music effects were soo good! :( and I really want to watch the movie but I somehow think that its going to be tragic cuz of the Roja Jaaneman song.. And I think I'm going to burst into tears if it is :D its funny cuz its ME who'll burst into tears and cry and sob hysterically for hours on end :) Buut its apparently not tragic so I'm downloading the movie right now :) Fatty told me not to get addicted to that song cuz her friend keeps singing it ever so often.. So I told her that I'd try to not to :)
Oh and had a wonderful day today! Drove around A LOT! It actually wasn't much but it felt like I drove on for hours. Thanks Doubles :P as much as you hate being called that. Can't wait to go karting after the exams! And please get well soon Rafa. Your health is more important than these tournaments. Take good care alright!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The 37th things. Ahh miss this day!

Had a wonderful time with friends, had really good food, met Rihanna's look-alike, saw my first Nano (yellow), this beautiful white Audi with its angel lights on drew my gaze while riding and getting drenched in the rain. Oh yeah the lightening was really scary!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The 36th thing. More than an observation.

So I was checking this girl out.. ahem.. watching this girl in my class, sitting a few seats ahead of me. White as snow of skin, black as ebony of hair, pink (and glossy) as a rose of lips. She was a more interesting read than the black board with drawings and random collections of letters. Neatly straightened hair, artistically curved somewhat around her forehead and eyes in a fantastic family of parbolas (parabolae?), bouncing but regaining the said perfect positions when disturbed by the seemingly spasmodic flicks of the head. And her nails! The ones on the left were surely treated as nobility! Such a bold red as to shame our red traffic signals, neatly and immaculately polished that made me want to define its precision with some mathematical formula. Then utter bewilderment. The relatives of these aristocrats on the right hand must have sinned to be so grievously punished- the ends of her nails were being devoured by the owner! An act of self-cannibalism! This act was interrupted in order to take down notes (the mentioned random collection of letters). And with a flourish, a frighteningly pink pen/pencil was uncovered from the mystical depths of the surely expensive and ghastly vanity bag that I thankfully couldn't see. The small and dainty fingers closed themselves around the writing instrument and began the furiously purposeful scribbling. And the head flip again, to clear her vision which was artistically being blocked by the parabolae (parabolas?) a while back (yet the hair strands mysteriously refuse to obey, perhaps they've been designed this way). And then I came to my senses and heaved a huge sigh of impatience and returned to my textbook on Java.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 35th thing. Cricket Worldcup fever!

  • Chuntu riding to college instead of taking the bus so that she can go home early.
  • The HOD letting us off.
  • The chairman of my mom's college declaring a half-day (Mind you the chairman is miserly when it comes to such things).
  • My brother winning a ticket to the semifinals in Mohali, in some lucky draw. Chances: 400 in 400000. His ticket was worth 5k and the 1k tickets were being sold at 30k in black.
  • Chubby Champion (aka Fatty) painting her arms saffron, white and green, and begging me to watch the match.
  • Miss Vanity Bag watching cricket (he usually never does) in his friend's place with 10 other idiots.
  • My heart racing (can't believe this is happening right now) everytime people across the streets scream hysterically, resulting in my asking my father (an avid fan) about the situation.
  • Deserted streets (pity the car is not in shape otherwise I'd've tried sneaking it out).
  • Now I'm wondering if Chubby Champion has snuck into the boy's hostel where they've set up a big screen.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The 33rd thing. Agnes.

Unicorns I loove them, unicorns I loove them! Unicorns I loove them, unicorns I loove them!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The 32nd thing. Australia Day.

I'm really down at the moment. I haven't watched Rafa lose many times. I think this is the first time ever actually. Just trying to get my disappointment across here. Watching your hero not go after the shots he can almost always return with interest, not seeing him master the baseline, not seeing his sending his opponents scrambling.. Its very hard. Alan and "Veejay" were right. Rafa's body language said it all. It was heart rending, watching him hang his head low the way he did. It wasn't.. it wasn't Rafa. It just wasn't. I took comfort and I worried at the same time when Vijay also said that he'd never seen this side of Rafa. But maybe I'm too worried about all of this. I should be happy that I'm a Rafanatic. I've watched brilliant tennis because of him for the past six years almost. He's been a source of inspiration. Hard work and modesty are two traits that jump out and have a profound effect on me. I should be glad that I'm lucky enough to witness the Rafa express. I mean he's bloody awesome for Christ's sake! What was I doing a while back, trying to write a eulogy? Rafa you have been one of the most vibrant, energetic, athletic people on the court!! I am ashamed to say, that as a Rafa fan, its taken me THIS long to fully realize, that when you are at your best NO ONE CAN DEFEAT YOU!
And I just realized! First post of 2011! Erm, Happy New Year! :)