Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The 63rd thing. The evening of 8 Dec 2008.

me here is Bharath from college.

7:37 PM me: ssssssssssup?
 arpithaprasad: yeah
  just wanted to send songs
  do you like rock
7:38 PM me: nt tht much..if i like it, thn il lisen oly 2 tht..
  watchu doing?
 arpithaprasad: i'm in a spaceship
 me: :)
 arpithaprasad: fighting the alien scum trying to ruin my home planet
7:39 PM but i have time to chat while i'm launching missles with 4 other arms
  so i'm doing good
7:40 PM me: oh... good..hmmmmmmmm.... tlk noe sumthiung
  send strt
  stry i mean
  more i want
 arpithaprasad: well thats the best i've written according to me
  i'd had a dream today
 me: kooooooooool
  tel me :)
 arpithaprasad: one sec
7:41 PM yeah
  it was a narrow road
 me: k...
 arpithaprasad: and anjum, anushree and chinmai were walking in front of me
 me: lol ok,,,
 arpithaprasad: there was this car parked on the other side of the road
  there was this extrememly good looking guy sitting in it
  like some roman god
7:42 PM me: uhm uhm
 arpithaprasad: and those three were checking him out
  i was staring at him(for different reasons)
  and he was staring back
  i get this feeling like something bad is gonna happen
  and i move forward
  then that feeling intensifies
  and i come back again and look into the car
7:43 PM i fing two muslims there in the back seat with grim faces
  and immediately i'm like Shit.. Terrorists..
 me: okay
 arpithaprasad: i drag chinmai a little furthur along and hide behind a bush
7:44 PM the other two get into some office or whatever it was supposed to be
  then i just spot you and supreeth loafing around the road..
  i'm hiding behind the bush right
 me: oh k .. im d hero i kno lol
 arpithaprasad: nooo
  i am!
 me: oh!!!!!!
7:45 PM thn thn?
 arpithaprasad: ok sorry
  i call up 1090
7:46 PM remember its supposed to be some terror hotline number
  well i call that number
  thinking someone would pick up immediately
  but guess what.. there was some kannada song as the caller tune
  i was a bit shocked
  and after sometime.. some lady picks up..
7:47 PM she's like "yeah hello ma.. what happened///"
  and i'm like "I'd like to report some terrorist activity.. could i talk to the concerned officials?"
  and she says "Yeah temme temme.. i'm here.. what happened.."
7:48 PM me: k...thn
 arpithaprasad: And I'm like "There are two highly suspicious terrorists here in a car.. i think they've planted a bomb in an office.. i'lll give you the location could you plz send someone here fast?"
  she laughs
  she laughs
  and then says as to how i concluded those people were terroirsts
7:49 PM and i say
 me: lol
 arpithaprasad: "Well they're in the middle of the road in a car with all windows drawn up. Its a hot day so its obviously unbearably hot in the car... what can people be doing there???"
7:50 PM and she says.. ".......Point"
  "I'll send some people there don't worry"
  by then i was convinced of the inefficiency of the government
  so i was in a dilemma
7:51 PM should i risk my life and go in and get the people out
  or should i stand out and wait for the police to come
7:52 PM i decided to do a bit of both
 me: ok .. n thn
 arpithaprasad: so i go and stand near the compound
  and i shout
  "Hey guys theres some extremely good ice cream down here!!! Come and have it!!!"
7:53 PM i couldn't hae shouted there was a bomb
  otherwise the terrorists would've heard me and bombed
 me: nice..n thn
 arpithaprasad: thats all... abrupt end
 me: lolz!! al dremas lik tht oly
7:54 PM arpithaprasad: kinda
7:55 PM accept it..
7:56 PM me: watchu doing?
7:57 PM arpithaprasad: guess
 me: having dinner :)
 arpithaprasad: nope..
 me: thn? chocolate
7:58 PM arpithaprasad: i finished waging a war.. won also..
  the war
  now i'm just cruizing the galazy
 me: uh? wat ? din undrstnd
 arpithaprasad: galaxy
  i was fighting a war with aliens remembe?
 me: lolz!