Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 41st thing. Two Texters (E01) The Introduction.

12:30 AM
+91984462489: Hi! Is this Anshuman? :)
+91973945245: Who wants to know?
+91984462489: Erm.. Is this Anshuman?
+91973945245: Well that depends on who wants to know.

+91984462489: How?
+91973945245: What if Anshuman is a murderer and you're the police?
+91984462489: Oh never mind.. I doubt the Anshuman i'm looking for is a murderer..
+91973945245: Which means you're not sure right..
+91984462489: Ok look if this IS Anshuman you got me alright?? Happy birthday!! :):):)
+91973945245: Thankyou :)
+91984462489: Jeez man! What's up with that! Entertaining though! :)
Anshuman        : Lol.. It was entertaining for me too. Btw, i still don't know who you are.
+91984462489: This is Priya :) had lost your number cuz i'd lost my phone :P
Anshuman        : How'd you lose it again?
Priya                : I was so worried about losing my wallet last week that i misplaced my phone in a crowded store :P:P
Anshuman        : You use emoticons alot don't you..
Priya                : Lol! Smilies are expressive! You should try them sometime! :P
Anshuman        : Okay hows this- Priya, i'm not Anshuman after all :P
(Shocked silence)
Priya                 : Wtf.. Who's this then..
+91973945245: No need to get alarmed. I'm just a stranger harmlessly texting you. I'm extremely bored you see.
Priya                 : And it'd better stay harmless. I'm a black belt in karate..
+91973945245: LOL!
Priya                 : What! Oh alright! Brown belt!
+91973945245: Cute :)
Priya                 : Whatever..
+91973945245: So Priya, what is it that you do? :)
Priya                 : I beat up seemingly harmless texting strangers if they try anything funny.
+91973945245: Oh now you're almost making me want to try something funny! :)
(No reply)
+91973945245: Amusing.
Priya                 : I dunno why i'm asking, but what's amusing?
+91973945245: In the past few texts, i was the one using "smilies".
Priya                 : Ha!
+91973945245: Was that a triumphant laugh?
Priya                 : Sorta :) you're really bored aren't you?
+91973945245: Likewise i'm sure, else you wouldn't be replying.
Priya                 : How do you know i wouldn't be? What if i was a social butterfly?
+91973945245: What "if"? That means you aren't :)
Priya                 : Well... Mayyybe..
+91973945245: Mayyybe means i'm right and you don't want to say it. :)
Priya                 : Yeah yeah.. Ok look. Its late, i want to go sleep now. Night.
+91973945245: Night :):):):):):P:P:P:P:P

Monday, July 25, 2011

The 40th thing. Perfume: The story of a murderer

Was reading a novel yesterday in a corner of a book store in a mall yesterday: Perfume. Seemed very interesting, and has been made into a movie; Alan Rickman is in it I think. The book seemed interesting. Warning- It was under the "Classics" section. Here's the link to the pdf file:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 39th thing. DESTINY!!?!!