Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The 24th thing. Halo vs I See You

I was comparing the two songs today in class, telling my good friend what I felt about them. I started off with why Halo was obviously popular with him. Its a song, a powerful song, based on trust and strength, and also the strength of trust. I've always thought that its a song that somehow heals. It's never failed to cheer me up on many occasions when I've listened to it.
I See You on the other hand, I took some time getting used to; it sounded like a good song theoretically. But then the more I listened to it and the closer I got to it, images of the fantasy land of Pandora were reconstructed in my mind. And I fell in love with Pandora when I watched the movie. I loved the close ties the Na'vi had with nature. The beauty of the exotic plants and soft, comforting glows emitted by those strange-beautiful-floating-things-whose-name-I-can't-remember. I started to pay more attention to the lyrics. I've not completely analyzed it and I might be wrong, but I feel the song's about love and complete devotion and entrusting oneself to another and experiencing love through the other's perspective. Halo on the other hand is (probably) about how the lady lets a person into her life, not finding a reason to shut him out, finding that she needed him. Halo speaks about a very realistic emotion: you want to trust, you're doubtful because you don't want to be hurt, but then you do, and experience happiness. I See You is faaar less complicated: She loved him. And he her.
Halo might be more widely appreciated. Halo is real. I See You is surreal. You need to be lucky enough to be able to enjoy it. Halo grips you and makes you pay attention. I See You surrounds you like tiny wisps of gathering smoke, delicate. You stand still and enjoy it. Distraction will cause that beauty to fade away.
When I started off with the title, I wanted to end on this note: Halo and I See You are such wonderful songs, and cannot be compared as they are not on the same platform! Both have emotions experienced differently! Beyonce sounds fantastic and is involved in the song, to me Leona Lewis feels enchanted and captured and hypnotized by the song into a dream like state, and has let the song play with her instead. Her singing is absolutely beautiful, the heartfelt cry and the gentle caresses. Both have made their songs such a success with me. I love the universality of Halo, and the exclusivity of I See You.

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