Monday, May 16, 2011

The 38th thing. I've fallen in love!

Yeh Haseen Vadiyan! :( I've fallen in love with that song! I don't think I've ever listened to that song on my ipod! The music effects were soo good! :( and I really want to watch the movie but I somehow think that its going to be tragic cuz of the Roja Jaaneman song.. And I think I'm going to burst into tears if it is :D its funny cuz its ME who'll burst into tears and cry and sob hysterically for hours on end :) Buut its apparently not tragic so I'm downloading the movie right now :) Fatty told me not to get addicted to that song cuz her friend keeps singing it ever so often.. So I told her that I'd try to not to :)
Oh and had a wonderful day today! Drove around A LOT! It actually wasn't much but it felt like I drove on for hours. Thanks Doubles :P as much as you hate being called that. Can't wait to go karting after the exams! And please get well soon Rafa. Your health is more important than these tournaments. Take good care alright!