Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The 65th Thing. Wake up blog!

I'm typing this on my new laptop! :D A tiny 11.3 inch, 10 point display touch screen, 1.2kg, 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD laptop with a core i3 processor. Helllllllooo new laptop! :P

FYI this is more of an update rather than any observation.

There have been a few interesting developments so far: Got an admit to Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and (sigh) Stony Brooke University. Almost decided on the latter, but the financial situation at home made me opt out of it. Cleared JAM though, which was a surprise. Joined Christ University after a nearly tearful interview. Not that I almost cried, but the HOD and Smitha ma'am who interviewed me made me feel I won't get in no matter how good I am at math as I didn't have the proper background.

Joined Christ with a feeling that everything was going to be lame - the students, the teachers, the standards. I thought it was just going to be about what I can do in this period of two years. To my utter shock and surprise, I am NOT the topper here in terms of marks, there are others who are interested in research, one worked on something nearly identical to what I worked on at the IISc, at the IISc. How cool is that! And also one person is an Inspire fellow and receives a scholarship of 60,000 bucks per year :P

And the teachers! I was shocked to find that they are leaps and bounds better than the ones at BMS! I think when I joined Christ, the attitude of people around me ("Engineering to Mathematics? Why? Engg. is so much better..", "Are you sure you don't want to pursue an M.Tech instead?") made me feel that I was slipping a couple of rungs down the ladder than climbing up. Then it hit me BMS is NOT at the top of its field in the nation, but Christ is placed pretty highly, top 4 I think, in the country for science.

The exams!!!!! Test one's understanding more than (Tell me you loooooove meeee, if you don't then liiiieeeeeeee, ohhh liiiiiieeeeeeee to meeee.. Sorry, listening to True Love, Coldplay, Ghost Stories) one's mugging up capabilities. This is definitely moving up the ladder in my opinion. (Aaaaaahh, wooohooooo...) I am kicking myself for not utilizing the library. Seriously. Kick kick. Ouch. (Tantantantantantantan.. Wooohooooooo...) We have an AMAZING library. Its quiet, clean, has 4-5 floors, and absolutely the right environment that's perfectly conducive to learning.

Overall, extremely happy with my choice of staying here cuuuuuuz? Drumroll, WE'RE BUILDING A HOUSE! #1102, Aashraya , Vidhyaranyapura (Ooooooooooooohh aaaaaaaaah.. Midnight now, this song is sensational. Lie down, close your eyes, you'll feel like as though you're floating through the cosmos). Two floors, 5 bedrooms, 2 halls, 2 kitchens. The gruhapravesha (I hate saying house warming, what we cover the house with blankets and quilts?) is on the 2nd of November. (Deep voice, "Remember, remember, the 2nd of November")(And the world means nothin' toooo me, another's aaaaarms, another's aaaaarms, Oh oh ohooohhhh ohhhhhh). Really hoping it will go well. Right now I'm painting glass which will be fixed to the windows next to the main doors. Doing autumn leaves.

That's it for now, leaving with the hopes that if I write here after two years, I'm writing about my PhD thesis and how beautiful Europe is.

Friday, February 28, 2014

The 64th thing. Unexpected.

Sigh. Its been so long since I last wrote. So many things have happened. There were so many occasions when I'd think that I should write about it here but then I haven't. Today something really nice happened and inspired me to break the block!

First of all, I'm 23 years old now. Yes. Old. And teaching at BASE. Mils, Marz, Denzil and I decided to go out to Dominoes for lunch, and for some strange reason Marz got his guitar along. We ate well (buy one pizza get another free) and soon left for BASE. Marz was transferring a huge file to my phone via bluetooth and I suggested Denzil and Mils go back to the office. Marz then said that he wanted to play a song for me as a birthday gift! We went to the A building and sought out an empty classroom in the first floor.

He played and sang Temple of Thought by POTF and it was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was grinning the whole time and my eyes got a bit teary! Oh it was aMAzing!!! Wanted to melt to a happy puddle :P Sigh!

Listening to the song again and again and again now. Wonderful day!