Saturday, May 23, 2015

The 66th thing. Google is getting scary

The other day I opened my mail (I don't have to say gmail do I?) on my phone and found two tickets that my uncle had forwarded- my aunt from abroad was coming to visit us. I naturally checked the dates and times of arrival and departure and thought nothing of it. Until the day just before she was about to arrive. I swiped right on my phone from the home screen for Google Now to find me some interesting articles (called cards) to read (this is just based on what I search in Google Chrome so this wasn't anything special). But to my shock, I find details of a flight ticket, neatly telling me to which place the tickets were, the from and to airports, in how much time the departure was, the booking confirmation number, the name of the person in who's name the ticket was booked as well as where this information had come from and who had sent the email.

So Google was checking my mails??? It already registers few key words within the mail so that the advertisements can do their bit but this?? It felt like there was no more privacy anymore (wait, did I even have any privacy to begin with?) and I wondered if I could disable this from happening. But then, I don't have any vital information to hide to be honest, and the Google card had some pretty neat animations (if I looked closely, there was a tiny green plane that would move from one airport to the other, as if tracking the real time movements of the real plane).

I forgot about it after a while, only to find out some new feature of Google's today. I was checking the internet (do I have to say on Google Chrome) and looking for (do I have to say on Google search) for ways to help me write my summer internship report in LaTeX (such a PaIn-In-ThE-aSs) when I found an article that was helpful. I bookmarked it and was about to put it in the LaTeX bookmark folder, but Google beat me to it! It already knew I wanted to put it there and asked me if it should!

Isn't it scary how intelligent Google is getting? Or is already? Now they're testing their self driven cars on actual streets in California.

Pretty soon, if I want to meet my friend for a pizza this is going to happen: Google would read my WhatsApp messages and promptly book an Ola cab, or rather a self driven Google Smart Cab to pick me up. While the cab starts off, it would tell me of the optimum location to meet my friend (based on which Google Smart Cab picked her up) and told me of the best suitable pizzeria to meet (based on my Zomato reviews). It would then start a Google Hangout video chat with my friend so that we could decide on if we really wanted to visit that selected place or try another. Suitable options would pop all over some cool 3D display showing Google Maps while we made a decision. Then the Google Calender would pop up and remind me of an assignment due (I swear this will happen knowing Christ University) and instantly open Google Drive so I can work on the assignment. After I meet my friend and have a great time, its time to get into another Google Smart Cab, which would access any new photos I have on my phone and would ask if I wanted to upload any to Facebook.

All this assuming, of course, that Google has already bought out Whatsapp, Ola, Zomato and Facebook.