Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The 14h thing- My dream

April 5th
We came back from Nandi Hills yesterday and when I wanted to sleep I thought I'd listen to some music. I found my iTouch charger but not the iPod :( I looked everywhere, woke up my mom too, she didn't know where it was either. I was really tensed but I didn't complain to anyone about it though I really wanted to. Went to sleep very disturbed, knowing that I'd have nightmares about it. BUT guess what my dream was about.. :D or rather 'who' .. The one.. and only.. RAFAEL NADAL!!!!!!
  Ok so here's how it went. Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Thomas Berdych and Rafa were in the locker room. Rafa was half pissed off cuz he was injured and couldn't play well. Roddick and Berdych were acting arrogant and pissing him off even more. So I saw Rafa storming off and he walked towards me (I smiled inwardly) and was telling me in an angry tone about what idiots those guys were :). I calmed him down and he looked like he felt slightly better and walked off.
  The next day I was actually in the locker room standing next to Rafa and facing the other three. So Andy and Berdych were taunting Nadal that got me a bit annoyed at their unsportsmanlike behaviour. I finally turned to Federer, who I respect (though I might not say it often), and expected him to settle the issue. He just turned his face away like a weakling with no opinions!!! And this got me SO mad cuz I felt like he was acting like a loser by not doing the right thing, I stormed out of the locker room cursing the idiots and telling Rafa (he followed me out) that I could not IMAGINE how he put up with those shitty people! Rafa was relieved cuz now he knew that nothing was wrong with his temper or anything as they pissed off other people equally fast.. I then gave Rafa my cell phone number and I told him, "Listen, if these people get any shittier, don't hesitate to call me and tell me about it k? Cuz I can take it if you shout at me.. Just let it out and don't let them get to you and your tennis." Rafa said fine and that was it for the day.
  I remember waking up in my room the next day ( still in the dream here.. I was a hostelite and an I think Rafa and I were in the same college :) ) and I checked my cell phone (it was much better than my Moto) and I was disappointed that he hadn't called at all. I looked out of my window and saw Rafa below running up and down the stairs amidst few busy college students. He was in his tennis gear warming up for practice. So I smiled and went downstairs to meet him accidentally-on-purpose (don't judge me :) ). I was at the bottom of the huge stairs and waited for Rafa to come down again. So I was like, "Hey Rafa! Just help me up these stairs please?" And now picture this in slow motion- Rafa, wearing sleeveless, his muscles exposed, glistening slightly with sweat, extending his hand down for me to hold (few female Rafanatics would've fainted here) ... And when I did take his hand ... His was so large and so WARM!!! (I'm not blushing here ok?) And I felt so awed.. I couldn't believe it was actually happenning!! (Sigh.. It really wasn't..)
  And that's the last thing I remember. I was smiling to myself alot today. I am even now! LOL!