Monday, April 4, 2011

The 36th thing. More than an observation.

So I was checking this girl out.. ahem.. watching this girl in my class, sitting a few seats ahead of me. White as snow of skin, black as ebony of hair, pink (and glossy) as a rose of lips. She was a more interesting read than the black board with drawings and random collections of letters. Neatly straightened hair, artistically curved somewhat around her forehead and eyes in a fantastic family of parbolas (parabolae?), bouncing but regaining the said perfect positions when disturbed by the seemingly spasmodic flicks of the head. And her nails! The ones on the left were surely treated as nobility! Such a bold red as to shame our red traffic signals, neatly and immaculately polished that made me want to define its precision with some mathematical formula. Then utter bewilderment. The relatives of these aristocrats on the right hand must have sinned to be so grievously punished- the ends of her nails were being devoured by the owner! An act of self-cannibalism! This act was interrupted in order to take down notes (the mentioned random collection of letters). And with a flourish, a frighteningly pink pen/pencil was uncovered from the mystical depths of the surely expensive and ghastly vanity bag that I thankfully couldn't see. The small and dainty fingers closed themselves around the writing instrument and began the furiously purposeful scribbling. And the head flip again, to clear her vision which was artistically being blocked by the parabolae (parabolas?) a while back (yet the hair strands mysteriously refuse to obey, perhaps they've been designed this way). And then I came to my senses and heaved a huge sigh of impatience and returned to my textbook on Java.

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