Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 35th thing. Cricket Worldcup fever!

  • Chuntu riding to college instead of taking the bus so that she can go home early.
  • The HOD letting us off.
  • The chairman of my mom's college declaring a half-day (Mind you the chairman is miserly when it comes to such things).
  • My brother winning a ticket to the semifinals in Mohali, in some lucky draw. Chances: 400 in 400000. His ticket was worth 5k and the 1k tickets were being sold at 30k in black.
  • Chubby Champion (aka Fatty) painting her arms saffron, white and green, and begging me to watch the match.
  • Miss Vanity Bag watching cricket (he usually never does) in his friend's place with 10 other idiots.
  • My heart racing (can't believe this is happening right now) everytime people across the streets scream hysterically, resulting in my asking my father (an avid fan) about the situation.
  • Deserted streets (pity the car is not in shape otherwise I'd've tried sneaking it out).
  • Now I'm wondering if Chubby Champion has snuck into the boy's hostel where they've set up a big screen.

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