Friday, July 23, 2010

The 18th thing- One of Dad's jokes

The phone rang and somebody downstairs picked up.
"Gulduuuu*?" came the call.
"He's in the baathrooom," I shouted back.
Dad was close by hunched over the computer.
Dad murmured. "He's logging out."
My cousin and I giggled.
Then Dad said. "What do you think of logging in?"
My cousin and I burst out laughing.

*- Names have been changed. You can still correctly guess who Guldu is though.

1 comment:

bgprasad said...

Log out is natural.The irony is that you should have logged in to log out . So how do you log in?.
Don't tell me glug glug glug....what about log log? is it antilog some one quipped i love log (meaning logarithm). You mean you really love to log (no hog ). oh! you love to hog logs !.
you can hog to your heart's content. Do you want it hot baby?. Then some one came out of the bath room and the whole conversation stopped.