Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 15th thing- Another dream

This one's obviously about Nadal too :) Had this dream last night. This is how it started off.. We ( I think Rakshith was on my right) were walking in the sun and I knew it was going to be a glorious day- how could it not be when we were at the qualifyings of an F1 Grand Prix? And, Nadal was getting ready to start off, he was the first one readying himself to whiz through the circuit. I was really surprised to see that there were very few people. Oh well maybe they'd come later when there were a little more people on the grid. So we got pretty close to where Rafa was, sitting in his car, white helmet on. As he was revving up, looking around, cool as.. well, Nadal, I shouted out, "Go Rafa!!" and to my immense joy he heard me!! He looked around, saw me, and waved (a tiny wave with his white gloved right hand)! And then I couldn't resist, I yelled out, "We'll always be there for you Rafa!!!". And he AGAIN turned around and acknowledged me and grinned I think!!!
   He set off and he was the fastest even after almost everyone had finished. I was pleased. The one who hadn't, however, was (obviously I think) Federer. He was a major threat to Nadal's lap time and he was to start soon. But rather than racing, what he was doing was, shooting hoops in a basketball court wearing baggy shorts! And he was getting close to Nadal's lap time somehow by continually slam dunking. I worried more and more by the minute, but soon he did beat Nadal's time by scoring 160 points i think :( and thats's when Roger became world number one again. I was actually glad cuz that would mean Rafa'd get some competition.
   When Nadal was done discussing tactics and such with his racing team, he came out and walked past me. And there were these skinny guys nearby who said, "Well done Rafa!! You is amazing!" and they said it with a spanish accent just to feel closer to Nadal, deliberately making the grammatical error. Nadal said, "You mean are, not is," in his own wonderful spanish tinged english that I absolutely adore. So I caught up with him and said, "Rafa I liked the way you raced alot. I think it was very nice," to which Rafa said, "I like your english alot!" and I was so flattered!! He was impressed! (Lol!)
   And we became very good friends :) He invited me over to spend time with his crew. There was Toni and some other guy. We really hit it off well. I even slept in the same hotel as them! I was in the same room as Rafa!! And we basically spent the time travelling and sitting in our room chatting. We were really really good friends you see. And all the while I was acutely aware if this feeling of immense happiness that everything was just right. While the four were chatting, one day, something happened, there was a rustle of activity, and before I knew it everyone was in a rush and packing. And Rafa said, "Here! Take loads of pics!" and threw me a camera. And I said, "What? Now?" Rafa said "Yeah! Quick cuz we don't have much time!" And I began clicking pictures madly and even when I'd taken loads and stopped he urged me on and told me never to stop clicking them.
   I woke up with the feeling of deep satisfaction that accompanies my dreams of Nadal.


anjum said...

y is it dat u cant leave my federer alone??? dont u get enuf of rafa(atleast in ur dreams)???:P

Arpitha said...

Oi Anj! At least he was number 1 in my dreams! You should be thankful cuz in reality he's number 3 right now man! (lol! sorry..)