Saturday, December 15, 2012

The 61st thing - I See You :P

Wearing contact lenses for the first time now! Supposed to not wear specs on my brother's wedding so I had to purchase contact lenses :) I had this sorta training to learn to wear them. The optometrist had told me that I had to make sure I had half an hour to spare for training, and then I wondered why anyone would need half an hour!! I took more than 40 mins :P  The trainer first opened a test lens. The lens (the daily disposable one) is in a small plastic case that looks a bit like a large pill case. Its got a plastic cover that should be peeled off and a thin soft lens swimming in a transparent liquid is revealed. The trainer dipped his finger into the liquid and pulled out the lens. He said he'd show me how to use a liquid that comes with the lens as well (the daily disposables don't need to be treated with the liquid, but others do). He took a plastic bottle with a nozzle and poured some transparent liquid into his left palm and placed the lens in it. He pushed the lens about, making sure it got the liquid all over it. He said he's place it on my right eye first. Overcoming your reflex actions is hard. I kept blinking furiously once the lens so much as touched my eye. I was squeamish and he told me not to worry about it :P He made me look to one side, and then stuck the lens onto the white part of the eye ball and made me look left and right until the lens settled comfortably on the pupil. It burned slightly. I still kept blinking, my eye was trying to get the foreign body out. So it teared up slightly. The trainer said that to most people it waters a lot, and for me it was only slight. My vision was different and felt weird cuz the test lens had a power of -6, where as my right eye had a power of -1.75. So it felt like my vision got worse after wearing a lens. Then he asked me to look to one side again, pinched the lens and got it off. He made it seem quite easy. He then put it on to the left eye, which put up a bit of a fight. It blinked more, watered more. Even getting it off from the left eye was a little difficult. He put it on for both the eyes again and this time they seemed to keep jumping off after he put them on! He said, "Ad heg ri madthaidira? Namgu helkodi." It apparently didn't happen to others. Then it was my turn to try.

First of all, I had long nails and this made putting on the lenses and getting them off slightly difficult cuz I could've scratched my eye. I have long nails for my brother's wedding again! The things I'm doing for his wedding! Second, my hair kept getting in the way. The trainer suggested that I cut off the nail for the index finger at least. He looked at my key chain and said, "Hegidru nail cutter thandiralla," and I laughed :D I told him I usually didn't grow my nails but I had to do it for my brother's wedding. He looked very serious and said, "Yake? Jagla kaibeku antha na..," and I was so taken aback! I thought he was very serious and didn't understand how I would want to fight with my brother on his wedding! And he again said seriously, "Yaaranna parchbeku antha idira?". I laughed and said, "Illa nail polish yella haakbekanthe.. adakke.." So I tried to put it on to my right eye first. He taught me how to position my hands again. It was a bit hard but I got it done. Getting it off was much harder. I had to look to one side and push the lens off the pupil and then pinch the lens and get it off. Sliding was easy, pinching and getting it off was difficult due to the length of my nails. But I finally did it after a lot of trying. The trainer was very patient and sometimes used to talk to me about other things so I would be distracted from the discomfort while trying to pull the lens out.
The left again put up a fight. But I was glad when I could finally get them off my myself. I then put on my own lenses. The feeling of seeing without glasses was so exhilarating :P First thing different was when I had to put on my helmet. I instinctively wanted to pull out my glasses before I put on the helmet.

All in all, my eyes are feeling pretty ok now, still slightly uncomfortable, but manageable. I can wear daily disposables for an entire day and even sleep with them on for 3 hours max. I'm not able to read well though. Text is blurred. Apparently it happens and my eyes need to get used to the lenses and this would take about 4 to 5 days.

Today is Jerry's birthday! :D Nandini wants to invite us to her sister's wedding on Feb 1st so I need to go to college at around three. Trying to convince jerry to come too :)
Just came back :) Met Nandini, Jerry, Shashank, Shishira, Karthik, Binds, Sarthak, Vijay, Rathan, Vishnu, Hareesh and Srinidhi (who forgot my name was Arpitha and thought I was Anushree and asked me what Arpitha was doing :P). It was nice seeing them again :) I took off my lenses, they were tiring my eyes out, and thought I'd take a picture of it:

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