Saturday, November 6, 2010

The 28th thing- Dreamt of Rafa again!!

Yeeeaaahhhh! Dreamt of Rafa again :) he's such a nice guy you know.. at least in my dreams.
Since I had the dream two nights ago, I'd feel very childish if I write about it in detail.
   I was invited to someone's house, and I was following someone who'd lead me to it, I noticed Rafa playing tennis very close by! I was almost walking past him then, I said, "Oh my god!" and my hand went up to my mouth. Rafa looked up, and I instinctively waved and said "Hi!". He smiled, and he waved back! I then walked a few steps, still stunned that I had just seen Rafa Nadal, let alone spoke to him! And then, I looked back, wondering if he'd still be there.. he was! AND he looked up at me just when I looked back, so I again waved and said "Bye!" and lol! he waved again!! And I walked ahead a little more, and turned back again, he looked up again! And I said "Bye!" again, and he looked very amused and patiently waved again!! See he was practicing tennis against a wall, with a coach watching over him, so he'd wave with his right hand everytime I greeted him! And this happened one more time! I then walked ahead, still following that someone, determined not to turn back. Just when I reached the entrance of the mansion, I glanced back, knowing for sure now that he wasn't going to look up, he was a bit far away too, and I saw on his face intense focus and determination and he hit the tennis ball which was mindblowing. I mean, just a while ago he was taking the pains not to disappoint a hard core fan everytime she interrupted his training, and just in a matter of about ten seconds he was hitting the ball as though nothing but the ball and his strike existed in his universe. I admire that  alot about you Rafa.. Vamos :) y hablo un poco de espanol para tu :P might be grammatically wrong sometimes but i'm learning a bit.. Ochenta y dos marcas en el examen :)
GO RAFAAA!! (Fiercelyloyalfansigningoff)

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