Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 13th thing- Nandi Hills. 2nd to 4th April '10

Nandi hills day 1
Left at 830 in the morning. Was a nice drive. Not hot. Bought grapes for 35rs. We remembered that when we'd gone with Ajay Guldu it was 20rs for a huge basket. The kids selling the grapes asked for food and stuff and it was very sad. Gave just 2 chapathis. Then wound up the hills.. Dad didn't let me drive  we reached at 1030 cuz the roads were really good. We checked in early. Lots of tame monkeys.  We had breakfast- bread omlette, which is surprisingly bread in omlette.. and we slept a lot more than walked today. Oh and there was a bit of sun. But it doesn't sting like how it does in Bangalore. It's very cool in the evenings. 
We went for a walk at around 6. First time I walked I had what felt like tiny bubbles popping in my legs which gave me a curious sense of satisfaction. Second time I walked more but felt normal. We walked down to the check in point where we checked out places like Tipus Summer Palace, which is dingy and the rooms are locked (though mom and I did discover Tipus private pooping place), Amritha Sarovar, a deep sort of well with descending stairs.
When we were walking back up I found myself making few badminton lifting shots Now and then :P even my parents didn't notice. And I've been eating like a MONSTER!!!  drank juice and had sooo much fried rice for dinner. Didn't like lunch. Listening to music now. Really liking Dont Bring Me Down by BEP. Listening to Good Enough by Evanescence now. Piano and violin sound really good here. Oooh now it's Say All I Need 
 signing off. :P

Nandi hills day 2
I don't get it!!! The fried rice that I loved last night smelt so bad this afternoon that I nearly puked!! I dunno if it was because I had yelniru earlier (now that was really tasty). So I just had some mildly disgusting lassi and some parle g biscuits, finished reading Frankensteine (finally. Tragic story. Not romantic as it says at the back) and went to sleep. Woke up a bit tired and in the middle of a weird and slightly disturbing dream. Went to a temple, wearing my BMSCE Telecomm tshirt. Liked the rocky terrain (since I'm a sure footed mountain goat. Ahem. Capricorn) and had some toasted bread in Hotel Ranjitha- Veg- North Indian, South Indian and "Chinise". (reminded of Inspector Clouseau- you zink I don't spik Chineeze??). There was no idli that had tasted like heaven this morning. Mom took Emergency Refresher LMNLMNLM-EENN. Tasted like lemon flavoured hand wash soap. Found out that CSK scored a whopping 256!
We then went for a walk. Had a nice time. It had grown dark by then. A tiny village with twinkling lights was laid out before us. We came back to our room and ordered some dinner. There's been a power cut. Sitting on the stairs underneath the stars. Dad and the manager are having their nightly chat. :) Devil signing off :)

Nandi hills facts (not necessarily fun)
1. The manager seems to be bored with the hill station life. Is eager to talk with the lodgers and will divulge personal facts concerning the lakhs of rupees that they make in Nandi and how it is spent. Useful for IPL updates.
2. The monkeys have attitude. When encountered on a narrow road they expect you to make way for them. They will perch dangerously on walls that have signs clearly stating - Sitting And Leaning Against The Wall Is Prohibitted.
3. Dogs are friendly. Though they don't have the gumption to face the monkeys with the aforesaid attitude.
4. Novels that have been hard to finish reading can be completed.

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