Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The third thing

I listened to Poets of The Fall today after an extremely long time, and I realized how much I missed Lift. Well its just once of the songs that trigger off memories (of about a year back). Good or bad, I don't know, but I seemed to have this happy feeling for around a month. This indestructable happy feeling. A kind of happiness that didn't feel real. And it wasn't. Well is was, but not in my sense of reality. But oh boy did I enjoy that trip to the amusement park. That was one day of sense among those of unreality. I sound too poetic for my liking, but what the heck. I'm here to spill anyway. I dunno if this is true with everyone, but with songs, I know what I what I was doing when I was obsessed with it (it might bring me back 3 years). I mean maybe because I listen to the songs over and over again for a week (hence the word obsessed) I feel transported to the past. Like now, when I just listened to I still by Backstreet Boys, I was really happy then too. But now looking back I feel sad, cuz that was the time when I was in school. I miss my best friend, Smruti. We did keep in touch for two years. But things change right? Especially when we don't have anything new and common to discuss about. We're in different places, studying different things (and curse my memory, I can never keep in track with her schoolmates and her hundred odd cousins). People change. If they didn't they wouldn't be people. I'm hoping that doesn't happen with Fig or Runa. Both of them got really close to me at the end of second year. Fortunately we're all in B___.

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